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The Taste of 12

The Taste of 12


Presenting a series of flavours from mild to hot from the Chilli of the Valley range for the hot sauce lover

This collection offers a broad variety of just some of our products, from sweet and fruity to rich and savoury. All bursting with flavour. The colour of the labels indicates the general heat levels of each sauce, with a double-sided insert displaying the original artwork of each product.

15ml bottles are the perfect sampler size, and great for taking away on trips, so you never be apart from your favourite sauces

Great as a gift, or tasting experience

The insert also includes a special 12% discount code for future purchases from our website

Sauces include


Samurai Mango

Superior Peri

Ginger Ninja

The Jerk

Dirty Kebab

Dia de los Muertos

Fuego Sagrado

Merthyr Ferker

Sweet as Tuck



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