As part of their school work, the kids have been tasked with setting up a business and selling something with all proceeds going to charity. Naturally, the Chillidren of the Valley decided to dust off their aprons and get back into the kitchen to make something spicy.


The Chillidren of the Valley have opted to donate all proceeds from the sale of this sauce to The Many Tears Animal Rescue - To those who know and follow us, you'll be familiar with Murphy, and possibly his predcessor, Sawyer, the chilli dogs. Both of whom were resuced by Many Tears before coming to us.  


Produced under the brand Chillidren of the Valley, this sauce was made by the next generation of ChilliOTV. Made with pineapple, mango and 8% Carolina Reaper, this is a sweet and fruity sauce with a bit of a bite.  With all proceeds from the sale of this sauce going to charity, you'll be treating not just your tasebuds to a spicy delight, but also helping support animals in need as well as making two young budding entrepreneurs very very happy (and hopefully get good grades in school!) 


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