Oozing with Indian inspired deliciousness these chilli pickles are ideal for perking up any dish. Great added to a curry for that extra kick, dip your poppadoms in, they even go great on a cheese sarnie All of the Chilli Pickle range are made with the same ingredients, though the heat ranges vary - the Reaper Pickle is made with Carolina Reaper and Naga chillies. This is a VERY hot pickle. All are packed with chillies and have a healthy helping of garlic for good measure too. These pickles are a great staple for any ingredient laden kitchen ** PLEASE NOTE - THESE PRODUCTS CONTAIN MUSTARD **


Vegetarian and Vegan friendly


New label designed by Rory 'ToTheCore' Petts. Watch out for more coming soon...

Reaper Pickle 100g

  • Chillies (57%), White Distilled Vinegar,  Rapeseed Oil, Garlic, Salt, Spices (contains MUSTARD)

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