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Throughout December 2020 we started sending out collector stickers and in many cases, posters, with each order received. Some customers may have received stickers before then, but not known the full reason for them.

The poster is pretty self explanatory - collect 6 ChilliOTV stickers, stick them onto your poster, upload a photo of stickers and poster on social media tagging @ChilliOTV and you win a free bottle of special edition sauce. Fill the poster and you win a special edition t-shirt.


We thought it was a pretty cool loyalty reward scheme. After all, who doesn't like collecting stickers?! And you get free sauces and merch for doing so!


Some stickers are harder to get than others. Some are only available with certain purchases, and some are only available through certain stockists. But each sticker counts as 1/6 of a sauce bottle. If you have any doubles it doesn't matter - they still qualify (but it is kinda cool to swap if you know any others who may be collecting them too)


For those who don't have one, the poster can be included in your order free of charge Just add this product to your cart! Postage is unfortunately applied so better to include it if/when you're ordering products. Alternatively you can email us at if you want to print out your own copies of the poster (please bear in mind that it's A3 so will need a printer capable of printing that size)

If you have any questions please do get in touch. If you have any requests for specific stickers then feel free to ask at the point of ordering (there's a notes section at checkout) 


**Please note that only one poster will be sent out per order** 

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