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Louisiana Hot Sauce

Louisiana Hot Sauce


Legend tells a story of two girls, Lou and her sister Easy Anna, who lived in the deep south with their rancher father. One day he fell ill, and only an elixir of fermented peppers and secret ingredients could keep the fever away. Lou and Easy Anna knew they needed to do something to help - money was scarce and ingredients for the life-giving elixir weren't cheap. They called it hotsauce because the price to make it burned almost as much as the ingredients themselves.


The sisters took to hustling, taking advantage of weary travellers and pillaging passing folk, robbing cattle and heisting locomotives that passed through the lands. As word spread of their antics, the brave and the bold became too embarrassed to admit they were bested by two girls, so stories were elaborated telling tales of a giant riding aback a massive Clydesdale, pillaging all and sundry to feed his appetite for a bottle of some strange liquid. This liquid soon became known as the Lou and Easy Anna hotsauce. Over time the name was shortened to Loueasyanna, and later to Louisiana, where it remains today. 


Nobody knows what became of the sisters, or indeed their father. But if rumours are true there would be no hot sauce without their troubled fable 


Our Louisiana style hot sauce, made in the deep south (of Glamorgan!), goes great on everything! 

  • White Distilled Vinegar (BARLEY), Chillies (43%), Sugar, Bhut Jolokia Mash (Bhut Jolokia, Salt, Acetic Acid), Salt

  • Nutrition Information

    Typical Values

    Per 100g


    177kJ/ 42kcal



    (of which Saturates)




    (of which Sugars)






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