Hot Coq

Hot Coq


When you've got a dirty bird that needs to be smothered in something saucy - Whip out your Hot Coq and splash it all over. Filled with spicy salty goodness and a decent serving of garlic, this is one wing sauce you'll love to wipe off your filthy chops


Now in 150ml bottles - You wanted it bigger so we played with it a little and this is what happened! 


Vegetarian and Vegan friendly

  • Anaheim Chillies (23%), White Distilled Vinegar (BARLEY) (23%), Habanero mash (Habanero 85%, Salt 12%, Acetic acid 3%) (21%), Bhut Jolokia mash (Bhut Jolokia 85%, Salt 12%, Acetic acid 3%) (14%), Garlic, Demerera sugar, Salt