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Hot Coq

Hot Coq


When you've got a dirty bird that needs to be smothered in something saucy - Whip out your Hot Coq and splash it all over. Filled with spicy salty goodness and a decent serving of garlic, this is one wing sauce you'll love to wipe off your filthy chops


Vegetarian and Vegan friendly

Big nod to Squig for modelling with the chicken leg too 😁

  • Anaheim Chillies (23%), White Distilled Vinegar (BARLEY) (23%), Habanero mash (Habanero 85%, Salt 12%, Acetic acid 3%) (21%), Bhut Jolokia mash (Bhut Jolokia 85%, Salt 12%, Acetic acid 3%) (14%), Garlic, Demerera sugar, Salt

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