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Fluffy Little Kittens - Bullet Keyring

Fluffy Little Kittens - Bullet Keyring


Some of the worlds hottest chillies (including Trinidad Scorpions, Moruga Scorpions, Douglahs, 7 pots, Bhut Jolokias and a few others) are dehydrated, then toasted and ground into a powder to create one of our hottest products - Fluffy Little Kittens. In no way furry, or fluffy. Not adorable, or cute. This may be served in small 5g tubs, but it goes a long way. 100% hot chilli powder.

Also now available - chilli bullet keyrings. Filled with Fluffy Little Kittens, these keyrings are ideal for the chilli aficionado who loves adding chilli to anything and everything, you can now easily take your chilli powder wherever you go

(No kittens were harmed in the making of this product)

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