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Fuego Sagrado

Fuego Sagrado


One for the heat lovers. Spanish for 'sacred fire' this is perfect for purists and chilliheadss. Containing some of the world's hottest chillis including the Trinidad Scorpion (1.4 million scoville units), Brown Scorpion, Fatalii and the Naga Morich this sauce will warm you up on a cold night! Great to perk up bland salsas and sauces, but use with care.


Vegetarian and Vegan friendly


  • Bell peppers, Chillies (14%) (Trinidad Scorpion, Brown Scorpion, Fatalii, Naga, Habanero), Spirit vinegar, Salt

  • Nutrition Information
    Typical Values Per 100ml
    Energy 127kJ/ 30kcal
    Fat 0.4g
    (of which Saturates)  0.1g
    Carbohydrates 5.4g
    (of which Sugars) 5.2g
    Protein 1.2g
    Salt 1g
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