A classic snack for sharing with friends, watching the TV, or washing down with a cold wet pint on a sunny dayRoasted peanuts tossed in our secret mix of rapeseed oil, salt and  spices, finished with a choice of either paprika and lime seasoning (Cheeky Chilli - mild), oak and hickory smoked Chipotle powder (mild), or either Naga (Hot), Trinidad Scorpion (Hot) or Carolina Reaper powder (Hot Hot Hot - officially the world's hottest chilli)The mild selections are suitable for scoffing by the handful. however unless you have a granite constitution or enjoy chasing the heat the Naga, Scorpion and Reaper nuts should be treated with a little more caution. The Russian Roulette are a combination of 90% Cheeky Chilli and 10% Reaper, a great challenge with friends and family or something to snack on with the occasional pick-me-up!  100g***Contains PEANUTS***

Chilli Peanuts

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