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Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary


In a not too distant post apocalyptic future, legend tells of a warrior. In a war torn land, where greed and violence rule, a figure emerges. Born from the ashes where once there was joy and kindness, but now only hurt and suffering remain. Walking a path of danger, but set on a mission to right the wrongs done by an oppressive tyranny of those abusing the power they have.... Dressed in a uniform long forgotten that once represented faith, charity and sanctitude. To some this warrior brings death and vengeance. To others, hope. Her hair glints green on the barren desolate battlefield, accentuated by the monochrome uniform and thunderclap of her artillery swathing the fallen foe before her. Nobody knows where she came from, but all hear tell that she feasts on the blood of those felled by her hand. Her friends call her Mary. Bloody Mary. And this is where her story begins...



The only sauce for splashing in your tomato juice, Bloody Mary or Red Snapper. Great used to perk up your tomato based dishes, in stews, chilli con/sin carne or even over your chips


With a combination of tomato, red jalapeno, Trinidad scorpion, lemon juice, Hendersons relish, vodka and celery this sauce adds the bloody to any Mary


Vegan and Vegetarian friendly

  • Passata (Tomatoes, Citric Acid), Chilli Mash (Jalapeno, Trinidad Scorpion, Salt, Acetic Acid) Lemon Juice (SULPHITES), Vodka, Hendersons Relish ((Water, Spirit Vinegar, Sugar, Colour - Plain Caramel, Sugar Syrup, Salt, Tamarinds, Acetic Acid - Acid, Cayenne Pepper, Cloves, Sweetener - Saccharin, Garlic Oil), Celery (CELERY)

  • Nutrition Information

    Typical Values

    Per 100g


    356kJ/ 84kcal



    (of which Saturates)




    (of which Sugars)






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