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Black Solo Garlic

Black Solo Garlic


Solo garlic, also known as monobulb garlic, single clove garlic and pearl garlic is a single clove bulb of garlic. An average single bulb equates to about 2-3 standard sized cloves of garlic. It tastes milder and slightly more perfumed in flavour

We've taken some, gently heated it, and put it through a fermentation process. We present Solo black garlic bulbs

Presented in a woven basket made with dried garlic stems, each batch consists of around 12 bulbs, around 100-120g

Black Garlic is taking the Western world by storm.

Slowly fermenting garlic caramelises the sugars within, which in turn turns the cloves to a deep, dark, brown or black colour.

Distinctive flavours of soy and balsamic and a rich mushroom aroma means that using black garlic in place of normal white garlic gives your meal an extra depth of flavour.

Bursting with antioxidants, black garlic is a must have ingredient in every kitchen.

***There is no chilli involved in the process of making our Black Garlic. It therefore has no heat whatsoever***

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